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Competitive Edge Manufacturing Equipment

Competitive Edge Manufacturing Equipment (CEME) provides automated PCB assembly and test equipment plus assembly materials and tools to electronic manufacturing companies in Baja California. Machines include stencil/screen printers, component placement systems, reflow soldering ovens, automated optical and x-ray inspection systems, in-circuit and functional testers, and MES software to design, control and measure the process. Materials include adhesives and solder pastes.

Product specialists are located in Baja California to serve local clients.

For USA inquiries please visit www.ceme.net.
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Assembly Solutions

CEME offers fully integrated electronic and micro-electronic assembly line solutions as well as single pieces of equipment from original equipment manufacturers. Assembly, inspection and test equipment capabilities range from low-volume high-mix solutions to high-volume low-mix equipment configurations capable of meeting 150,000+ CPH per line throughput.

New low-volume Print-Place-Reflow SMT Lines can be purchased for less than $250,000. We also offer Remanufactured and Preowned Equipment. If leasing or special purchase terms are required we work with our suppliers and lease partners to provide cost effective solutions.
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High Volume Medical SMT Line

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Low Volume Backplane Assembly

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High Mix - High Volume Factory

Electronic Assembly Equipment

The CEME product offering is anchored by World Market Share Leaders Fuji and Heller Industries. Products include:
  • Screen and stencil printers for solder paste and adhesives
  • Solder Paste Inspection (SPI)
  • SMT component placement (Pick & Place)
  • Through hole component placement
  • Reflow and Curing ovens, convection, IR and UV technologies
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI)
  • X-ray inspection (MXI)
  • In-line and batch water cleaners with closed loop water recycling
  • Component storage (SMD Towers)
  • Conveyors and handling systems
  • MES/DPM/DFM Software - Automated assembly machine programming software
Visit our Products page for a complete list of the manufacturers and products we provide.